Candy Tin Can

Candy tin cans we have made
  • Flat Candy Tin Can
  • Candy Tin Box
  • Candy Tin Can
  • Hard Candy Tin Box
  • Square Candy Tin Box
  • Candy Tinplate Box
  • Flat Candy Tin Box
  • Clear Lid Candy Tinplate Box
  • Two Piece Candy Tinplate Box
  • Tinplate Pull Box

Parameters of customized Candy Tin Can

Size: As per customer request (You can offer samples or authorize us to design.)

Material: Tinplate (0.23mm-0.35 mm)

Shape: As per customer's request (You can choose square, round, octagon, hexagonal shape or other shapes.)

Surface printing: CMYK+Pantone (Surface can be printed with pictures and logos supplied by the customer.)

Surface effect: You can choose 3D, sandblasted finish, relief, satin finish, matte, and many other surface effects.

Our advantages

We operate imported double color 452# offset printing machines (Fuji, Japan) and dust-free packing workshops suitable for edible oil packaging, grain oil packaging tinplate can (olive oil can packaging, camellia oil can packaging, walnut oil can packaging, lin-seed oil can packaging, rapeseed oil can packaging). We also employ a digital controlled automatic sealing production line.

Our main customers are Coca cola, Disney, LG, Walmart, SAMSUNG, PERFEITI, LONGWIT (Tianjin), AOXING (Hubei), Great Sanxiang (Hunan), and OLD ROOT (Zhejiang).

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