Glue Tinplate Bucket

Glue tinplate bucket we have made
  • Interior Paint Tinplate Bucket
  • Bonding Adhesive Tinplate Bucket
  • Glue Tin Can

Parameters of customized Glue Tinplate Bucket

Size: 250ml-20L (You can check our dimension reference table or customize.)

Material: Tinplate (thickness: 0.23mm-0.30 mm)

Shape: As per customer's request (standard shape includes square, rectangular, round and more)

Surface printing: CMYK+Pantone (The surface can be printed with pictures and logos offered by the customer.)

Surface effect: You can choose glossy, matte, 3D, pearl, local laser and more.

Sample time: About 10 days after designing.

Delivery time: 20-30 days after sample approval (depending on when the order is placed)

Certification: ISO, FDA, SGS, audit report and more.

Dimension reference table

Shape Product Parameter Dimension/mm Thickness/mm Minimum order quantity
Round Glue tin can 100ml 3.2 oz 0.02 gallon dia.54 x 50 0.21 40000
125ml 4oz 0.025 gallon dia.54 x 71 0.21 40000
250ml 8oz 0.05 gallon dia.66 x 80 0.21 30000
500ml 16oz 0.1gallon dia.84 x 97 0.23 20000
1000ml 32oz 0.2gallon dia.107 x 120 0.23 10000
Square Latex paint cans, Adhesive cans, Joint glue cans, Resin cans, All –purpose adhesive cans 1L 32oz 0.2gallon dia.110 x 132 0.23 10000
2L 64 oz 0.4 gallon dia.137 x 190 0.23 10000
3L 96 oz 0.6 gallon dia.155 x 195 0.23 10000
4L 128 oz 0.8 gallon dia.167 x 198 0.23 8000
5L 160 oz 1gallon dia.177 x 232 0.25 8000
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