Rectangular Tinplate Container

Rectangular tinplate container we have made
  • Rectangular Paint Tinplate Container
  • Rectangular Tinplate Container
  • Rectangular Wood Paint Tinplate Container

Parameters of customized Rectangular Tinplate Container

Material: Tinplate (thickness: 0.23mm-0.35 mm)

Surface effect: You can choose local laser, sandblasted finish, relief, matte, dark light and more.

Product Information

Surface printing: CMYK+Pantone (The surface can be printed with pictures and logos offered by the customer.)

Process of container: Tinplate checking - printing- drying- cutting- welding- side coating- drying- necking- flanging- butt jointing - vacuum test- sterilization- packaging.

Features: Tinplate features an outstanding corrosion resistance, excellent formability, high strength and a great appearance.

Application: Rectangular tinplate containers are used to hold oil, paints of different types, ink, harmonic agents, adhesives, curing agents, and more.

Sampling time: 10-15 days when mold is available

Dimension reference table

We have made rectangular tinplate containers as listed below, though we can also open molds based on customer requirements

Rectangular Oil color cans, Paint cans, Latex paint cans, Wall paint cans, Ink pigment tank, Blending agent tank, Adhesive tank, Joint glue tank, Curing agent tank, Resin tank, universal adhesive glue tank 1L 32oz 0.2gallon dia.110*132 0.23 10000
2L 64 oz 0.4 gallon dia.137*190 0.23 10000
3L 96 oz 0.6 gallon dia.155*195 0.23 10000
4L 128 oz 0.8 gallon dia.167*198 0.23 8000
5L 160 oz 1gallon dia.177*232 0.25 8000
Rectangular Lubricant tank, All-purpose adhesive glue tank, Solvent tank, Dilute agent tank, Charcoal Lighter Fluids cans, F-style cans, Chemical tin 1L 32oz 0.2 gallon 123*64*181 0.23 10000
2L 64oz 0.4 gallon 167*87*195 0.23 10000
3L 96 oz 0.6 gallon 167*87*261 0.23 10000
4L 128 oz 0.8 gallon 167*104*261 0.23 8000
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