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Seed Packaging Tin Can

We offer a variety of differently shaped seed packaging tin cans to package corn, vegetables, soybean, oatmeal, coffee beans and other seed types. These cans generally utilize a zip top available in standard diameters and specifications, though customization is available.

Seed packaging tin cans we have made
  • Corn Seed Packaging Tin Can
  • Vegetable Seed Packaging Tin Can
  • Ring Pull Seed Packaging Tin Can
  • Seed Packaging Tin Can
  • Oat Seed Packaging Tin Can
  • Square Seed Packaging Tin Can
  • Round Seed Packaging Tin Can
  • Coffee Bean Packaging Tin Can

We can provide the following seed packaging tin cans, as well as customized options.

Material: Tinplate (thickness: 0.23mm-0.30 mm)

Size: You can check our dimension reference table, and we can open a mold based on customer requirements.

Shape: As per customer requests (square, round, heart shaped and more)

Surface printing: CMYK+Pantone (Surface can be printed with pictures and logos offered by customer.)

Surface effect: You can choose glossy, matte, 3D laser, wood and more.

Delivery time: 20-30 days after sample approval (depending on when the order is placed)

MOQ: 10000 (according to the product size)

Note: A sealing machine is needed if you choose zip top cans.

Dimension reference table

We can open a mold based on customer designs

Standard Dimension/mm Thickness/mm Minimum order quantity

Dia.56 x 80 0.2 30000
211# Dia.67 x 125 0.23 20000
307# Dia.85 x 145 0.23 20000
401# Dia.99 x 173 0.23 10000
404# Dia.105 x 180 0.23 10000

Our advantages

With more than 300 employees and 22 years of experience as a metal printing company, we are one of China’s largest tinplate packaging manufacturers. Our customers span the globe, including the United States, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Germany and South Korea, and have earned the recognition and business of internationally known names, including Disney, Coca Cola, Woolworths, Universal, SGS, BV and UL. Proving our dedication to quality, our tin containers meets EU, LFGB, FDA and US CP 65 standards.

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