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Popcorn Tinplate Bucket

Popcorn tinplate buckets we have made
  • Tinplate Popcorn Bucket
  • Popcorn Tinplate Barrel
  • Popcorn Tinplate Bucket with Lid
  • Plain Tinplate Pail
  • Printed Tinplate Bucket

Customized Popcorn Tinplate Bucket Parameters

Size: 250mL-20L (You can check our dimension reference table or customize.)

Material: Tinplate (thickness: 0.23mm-0.30 mm)

Surface printing: CMYK+Pantone (The surface can be printed with pictures and logos supplied by the customer)

Surface effect: You can choose 3D, sandblasted finish, pearl, local laser, matte, dark light and more.

Feature: A handle and cover can be added to make the tin portable and prevent popcorn from spilling.

Certification: ISO, FDA, SGS, audit report and more.

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