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Hardware Tool Tinplate Case

Hardware tool tinplate cases we have made
  • Portable Tinplate Case
  • Classic Tinplate Box
  • Plain Tin Tool Box
  • Top Lid Tinplate Tool Box
  • Lockable Tinplate Box

Customized Hardware Tool Tinplate Case Parameters

Size: 250ml-20L (You can check our dimension reference table or customize.)

Material: Tinplate (thickness: 0.23mm-0.30 mm)

Shape: Square or customized shape

Surface printing: CMYK+Pantone (The surface can be printed with pictures or logos offered by the customer)

Surface effect: Users can choose from local laser, metal printing, relief and more.

Certification: ISO, FDA, SGS, audit report and more.

Our advantages

We utilize a number of imported, advanced double color 452# offset printing machines from Fuji, Japan, and install them in dust-free production workshops for edible oil packaging, grain oil packaging tinplate bucket (olive oil can packaging, camellia oil can packaging, walnut oil can packaging, lin-seed oil can packaging, rapeseed oil can packaging) and other tin can packaging. We also make use of a digitally controlled automatic sealing line. Some of our main customers include Coca Cola, Disney, LG, Walmart, SAMSUNG, PERFEITI, LONGWIT (Tianjin), AOXING (Hubei), Great Sanxiang (Hunan), and OLD ROOT (Zhejiang).

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