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Custom Tinplate Container

We can manufacture tinplate containers in various shapes, volumes, and styles including square cans, round cans, octagonal cans, hexagonal cans, and more.

Why can we provide tinplate containers?

Our equipment and resources allow us to produce tinplate packaging containers in all shapes and sizes. We have more than 2 decades of experience and our factory spans over 23,000 square meters, including our office space. Our more than 30 production lines enable a manufacturing output of up to 10,000 units per day. The volume of liquid food cans is between 250ml-20L, and these can be provided with several types of handles and opening choices. We can print different surface effects according to customer needs. The inner printing color is optional: original, gold, or custom choices. The cans can be used in both food applications (olive oil, creams, seeds, coffee) and chemical applications (oil paint, adhesives, sealant, fuels).

The volume, opening option, printing effects and crafts of solid product cans are all customizable. Our cans are widely used in the packaging of candy, biscuits, chocolates, stationary, and many other high-end goods.

1. Raw material


Original Source: Baosteel (China), Wuhan Iron and Steel (China), Pacific (Japan)

Features: The material is recyclable, antioxidant, ductile, easy-formed, light resistant, solid and easy-carried. It can be printed with delicate patterns and it is suitable for electronic business platform sales packaging.

Printing ink, printing paint

Feature: Various colors, able to be mixed, environmental friendly and non-toxin.

2. Production process

Tinplate cutting: According to the size and design drawing of product, the equipment will cut the whole bunch of tinplate into pieces about 1m2

Printing: Produce film according to customer requirements, then translate the film to the PS board, finally, tinplate printing according to the PS model. You can choose different colors and printing styles such as iron penetration printing, white printing and laser 3D printing.

Apply protective oil: Applying protective oil on the surface of tinplate such as light oil, matte oil.

Preparation: Cutting according to the size of the product.

Formation: Welding, hooking, stamping, punching, flanging, expanding, sealing, nailing, hanging handle will be performed.
Inspection and packaging: After inspection, package the products.

Process of customization

1. Provide product information: what kinds of products, is tinplate is required?

2. Select molds: Do we have the suitable mold whose type and dimension are able to meet customers’ needs? If we don’t, report mold production costs according to the customers’ design.

3. Other questions: order quantity and other requirements

4. Confirm price of product: factory price, free on board, insurance and freight, packaging requirements, bill of lading, invoice requirements, colors and effects, etc.

5. Product design.

6. Sampling and confirmation of sample model.

7. Production

Customer cases

We have made products for this brands:

Fill the information to help us offer price quickly

1. What kind of product do you need?
● Chemical painting cans
● Edible oil cans
● Food cans such as biscuit and candy
● Gift cans
● Others

2. What shape do you need?
● Square shape
● Rectangular shape
● Round shape
● Customized shape

3. Which dimensions of tinplate packaging containers do you need?

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