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Tinplate Printing

We provide printing service for tinplate cans

Suggested application: chemical cans, food cans, aerosol cans, mechanic oil cans, battery shell, bottle cap, jar cover.

Parameter range: Tinned iron and Galvanized iron (0.2mm-0.4mm)

We guarantee an accuracy rate of printing color up to 95%.

How we print?

Raw material: Tinned iron (galvanized iron)

Supplier: Baosteel (China), Wuhan Iron and Steel (China), Pacific (Japan)

Property: The material is recyclable, antioxidant, ductile, easy-formed, light resistant, solid and easy-carried. It can be printed with delicate patterns and it is suitable for electronic business platform sales packaging.

Printing ink, printing paint
Feature: Various colors, able to be mixed, environmental friendly and non-toxic.

Printing process

Tinplate cutting: According to the size and blueprint of product, cut the whole bunch of tinplate in to pieces about 1m2
Plate burning: Produce film according to customers' blueprints, and then translate the film to the PS board.
Printing: Tinplate printing according to the PS model.

Inspection and packaging
Feature: The design can be made up of four colors of CMYK or multiple special colors, you can choose printing effects such as offset printing, laser 3D, matte, light, wrinkles and more.

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